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Renal Palliative Care

In 2006 KAMSC were fortunate enough to receive grant funding for a project looking at integrating the palliative approach into the kidney disease pathway.

It is now recognised world wide that people with a life limiting illness are on an incurable pathway and will benefit greatly through a palliative approach to care. The KRSS is integrating this palliative approach into each of the new KRSS positions. 

The palliative approach is a holistic model that focus’s strongly on the client and family having a say in the care they want. Family meetings are encouraged early on in the disease process.

This gives the opportunity for both the client and family to receive kidney disease education and information on dialysis therapy so decisions can be made in a timely, culturally appropriate manner. The KRSS aims to collaborate with the palliative care team as necessary, so end of life care is managed in a culturally appropriate and timely manner through advanced care planning.


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