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The Kimberley Satellite Dialysis Centre

The Kimberley Satellite Dialysis Centre (KSDC) opened its doors on the 21st October 2002, providing those Guildford Rd mob in Perth the opportunity to return home or closer to home, as Puggy had promised, it was to be a momentous occasion. 

The Guildford Rd mob and other Aboriginal representatives of the Kimberley had a say in the building design, colours, artwork and the vision. What resulted was a purpose built building that reflects the Kimberley colours and Broome architecture. The interior layout allows for cultural avoidance's and is decorated with local Aboriginal artwork. A unique feature is the 66 metre long mythical "rainbow serpent" laser cut into the vinyl floor. This all makes for a very culturally appropriate homely environment. 

The KSDC has 10 dialysis Fresenius S & H machines and cares for 42 haemodialysis clients. The operating hours are Monday through to Saturday 7.00am - 8.30pm dialysing two client shifts per day. Where possible the KSDC provides respite care for the Kimberley Home Haemodialysis clients in the attempt to avoid the transfer patients to Perth, removing them away from family, community and country. 

Renal-trained Aboriginal Health Workers (AHW) and Registered Nurses staff the KSDC. Administrative and driver support positions are filled by Aboriginal people with strong cultural connections to the local community. The KSDC also has a full time Social Worker and part time Medical Officer who in conjunction with the consulting Nephrologist from Royal Perth Hospital who visits every 6-8 weeks provides medical care. 

The KSDC has been running at full capacity since 2004 resulting again in the dislocation of Kimberley Aboriginal dialysis clients away from family, community and country down to Perth. Today a new group of Guildford Rd mob exist, 

“You go and drive past – they’re like crows on a fence down there on Guildford Road” he (Puggy Hunter) would say. However the vision of the “hub and spokes model” lives on.


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